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PANDAMADE is a youth-oriented streetwear brand, based in Beijing, design for the Chinese market.
__ I was responsible for all visual aspects of the brand. I designed the clothes, the graphic illustration, the labelling and the logos. I worked closely with the owner of the brand, following his guidance to create fashion that appealed to a young, hip Chinese audience.

Client: Pandamade
Date: 2010 to 2012

Graphic illustration


t-shirt, pandabone, skull, graphic illustration,
t-shirt, illustration, zombie, artwork

Zombie panda

t-shirt, illustration, zombie, artwork
t-shirt, zombie, panda, vertor, artwork

Super panda

t-shirt, comic book, illustration, panda
detail, artwork, print, comic book,

Panda orange

illustration, A Clockwork Orange, illustration, panda, remix,
t-shirt, A Clockwork Orange, street fashion,

Panda hot rod

t-shirt, artwork, hotrod, vector
detail, t-shit, illustration, graphic illustration

Destroy all villains

t-shirt, typography, tag, army, camo
t-shirt, typography, camo, army, street wear,


detail, work pants, lable, tag, embroidedery, wovel lable,
detail, zipper, button, pants, teeth
detail patch, embroidery, stars
jaket, army, camo, streetwear, fashion
detail, witer coats, button
detail, print, type, typography,
zipper, detail
shirt, check, pattern, red


model, shirt, blue
model,t-shirt, type
model, army jaket,
model, long sleave shirt,
model, zombie ,type
model, hoody, patch
model, check shirt,
model, t-shirt, logo
mode,l, wither coats
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